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Nestsquare for Hotels

Nestsquare for Hotels provides you with a great platform to advertise your hotel rooms and suites to an array of top travellers from around the world. We do the heavy-lifting of marketing of your property by promoting it through all our distribution channels. Listing and managing your property on Nestsquare is free, and we only charge commission on successful bookings/stays that comes from us.

By adding your property to Nestsquare, you increase your marketing reach and become more competitve in your industry. Our 24/7 customer support ensures we are always there to assist and route travellers to your hotel and to be there whenever you need us. Nestsquare is customer-focused and our mission is to help travellers discover great hotels across the continent.

Requirements to List:

Hotels must be duly-registered with the government in the country where it is operational. Only fully operational and standard hotels can be listed on Nestsquare.

How It Works

You add details about your hotel

Listing your hotel is free. You give us details like number of rooms in your hotel, their prices, amaneities available, etc. You can always update this details.

And you always have the option to control the visibility and availability of your hotel ads at anytime.

You receive booking notifications

You will receive notifications by email, phone etc whenever guests book for any room in your hotel. Bookings are only confirmed to guests after you have confirmed it to Nestsquare.

Upon confirmation of a booking, details of guest(s) are sent to you in advance.

Travellers pay before stay

All guests are required to pay to you before staying at your hotel. They either pay on or before arrival depending on the option you chose. Nestsquare options for both pre-payment or payment-on-arrival

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